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Sophia Space

We are a group who follow Jesus Christ who seek to create spaces for all human flourishing as defined by each human themselves.  


About Sophia

We hold that all humans are God’s creation and children with inherent meaning and purpose. Our connection to the Creator begins with joy and grows as we develop. Many things impede our connection to God, our peace, our harmony with others, and even wisdom that is needed in relationships, ministry, and business. 
We work together, as intended, to help willing humans (of any belief system) achieve peace, spiritual growth, or simply success in any area of life for which one has identified a desire.

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Our community seeks to facilitate the physical, spiritual, and relational flourishing of humans in our path.  This might look like a silent retreat to one, counseling services to another, business advice to a third, or just a listening ear to a fourth.  We do not promise results, but instead we promise a process where we do our best to be kind humans who listen to you, seek to understand your need/opportunity, and then pray, explore, brainstorm, network, etc to locate/create a path towards flourishing. 

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Our Team

Each of us needs the other.  We cannot grow as individuals without a community.  

The experiences and backgrounds of our community includes but is not limited to...Entrepreneurship, Christian studies, Fitness and Health, Biblical Counseling, Construction, Personal Wellbeing, Real Estate, Outdoor guiding (mountaineering, paddling, mountain biking, hiking), etc.  However, we are all unified in offering these privileges and gifts to those in our paths.  

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